offshore renewable energy platforms

solar, wind and wave power combined

Octoteq solves #1 climate change cause.

We are developing a unique integration of offshore solar, wind and wave energy within one floating platform on industrial level.

In collaboration with universities, scientists, technology experts, governments and supportive public, we are developing a solution that will bring clean and affordable energy on global scale.

reducing CO2 emissions

Carbon zero renewable energy is the key to reducing greenhouse gases causing global warming.

providing reliable energy

protecting biodiversity

Our goal by 2025

per platform
distributing to the grid


3 renewable energy sources

A grid of offshore platforms integrating solar, wind and wave energy generation on industrial level.

offshore floating platforms

additional technologies

Zero Carbon

Each platform delivers on average 25MW of zero emission energy from three renewable sources.

Industrial scale

Large scale production of the energy that can satisfy energy requiremnts of the industry

Smart grid

Having the energy in the right place at the right time through the HVDC smart grid


Hydrogen production form the waste energy provides energy storage and reusability

Location independence

Combination of the different sources allows for the platforms to be deployed in different locations

Natural shapes

Platform design has been inpired by nautral shapes to ensure minimal impact on the environment