Respecting nature by design

We believe the only way forward to sustainable future is to work with nature, not against it.

Therefore since the very beginning, Octoteq honours environment and is developing the solution that reconnects civilization in new ways. Supplying the worldwide growing energy demand and adding other complementary technologies to make the life on our planet richer yet with a deep respect to planet's sources.

Organic shapes

We are redefining what a power station can look like.
The design is based on free flow organic shapes and principles that easily blend in with landscape.

Our intention is to build the platforms in harmony with surroundings as the biggest inspiration comes from an octopus. Smart, adaptive creatures that are able to mimic their environment.

By doing so, we limit platforms' environmental impact and flowing shapes and smooth corners also help in hydro and aero dynamics, not just improving the performance of the whole system.

Production principles

Ongoing research and development allows us to use modern production principles such as additive manufacturing processes like 3D printing that allow us to produce components faster and at lower cost.

Additonal combination with composite and recycled materials help us to lower the use of raw materials.

Modular character of platforms gives us the flexibility in industrial building process on large scale and allows us to easily deploy the construction anywhere in the world without a need of oversize transportation that would cause higher carbon footprint.

Renewable energy generation systems


We chose Vertical wind turbines in our design for several reasons. Better performance in turbulent, unpredictable winds. Higher power density from limited space. Last but not least they pose less danger to birds.


Our floaters attached to linear power generators are another technology that is included to increase the output while we try to limit our impact of the environment so we decided to top mount them and let them touch the water.


The third technology that we chose to balance the output and allow us deploy the platforms in locations where there isn't that much wind or wave. Balancing the three technologies allows platform to provide the power on the industrial scale.

Complementary technologies

Hydrogen generation

Producing hydrogen from "waste" energy from the platfom


Biomas production on the platforms offshore to provide sustainable food source.

Water purification

Ability to produce clean dirnking water to ensure the access to it for everyone

CO2 Scrubbing

Technology to remove the greenhouse gas that drives global climate change.


The platform provides the base for future technology integration and research.

Hydrogen generation

Hydrogen as a potent storage medium for energy amounts on an industrial scaleHydrogen is the sustainable energy storage of the 21st century. In chemical bound form H2O it stands for almost unlimited on earth for power-to-gas processes available. H2 reacts with O2 within gas-to-power applications (fuel cells, gas turbines, combustion engines) to pure water again. A clean and sustinable energy storage.

Carbon dioxide scrubbing

The reduction of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the declared goal to maintain the 1.5 °C maximu average temperature raise. At the same time, capturing CO2 from the atmosphere is energy-intensive and requires suitable (chemical) storage systems. The refining of H2 with CO2 to methane and methanol makes an important contribution. The chemically bound CO2 can be stored again in natural gas reservoirs. Let us give the earth air to breathe again.

Water purification

Drinking water is the most important food on earth. At the same time 2.1 billion people have no access to clean and continuously available drinking water. Powerful and mobile and water treatment plants close to the coast make this possible barrier-free access to this resource. Islands powered by renewables provide drink water on demand.