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United Nations chosen Octoteq solution to showcase

Octoteq is proud to announce its participation in the UN Partnerships for Small Island Developing States webinar of Renewable Energy Sources and Water Management. The primary objective of the webinar was to provide an opportunity to discuss partnerships that promote the efficient and effective use of renewable energy sources and water management practices within SIDS. Keeping in mind the vulnerability of small island regarding climate change this was a successful and dynamic venture with several different companies proposing solutions which are crucial for todays concerns regarding SIDS.

The webinar conducted on 21st of October 2021, was co-organized by the co- chairs of the UN Steering committee on Partnerships for SIDS in collaboration with the UN department of economical social affairs as well as the UN office of the high representative for the least developed countries, landlocked developing countries and small island developing states.

The panel discussion was guided by the challenges faced by and sustainable opportunities presented to, Small Island developing states. The steering questions were, how can SIDS reap benefits in shifting from the use of non- renewable to renewable energy sources and from improved water management, including successful collaborations and partnerships in this sector. Underlying this discussion was the question of whether COVID-19 pandemic has affected the renewable energy sector and water management sector, may they be negative or positive.

As was the aim of the webinar, the panel of experts and distinguished speakers got the opportunity for real time interaction and discussions. Mr Manuel Sapiano, Chief Executive Officer, Malta Energy and Water Agency stated, “After all, there’s no one solution that can solve all the problems, it’s a mix of solutions… Once more the importance of getting together and sharing experiences”. Mr. Petr Bayer CEO of Octoteq adds that “it’s a cooperation… we cooperate and find solutions to work togather, make lasting partnerships … then you reach the goals”. In conclusion Prof. Luciano Mule’ Stagno, Director, Institute for Sustainable Energy and Group Leader, Solar Research Lab (SolAqua) says, “I think, the answer really is the oceans. I think that’s the message from today’s session.”

Here is the link to the webinar:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqaO9nkbFq8&list=PLdFr2gsfIN3fHC5mb ar7oA3yOQPMp-ouL&index=2


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